Hi, I'm Jessica Greene.

I'm a freelance writer, content marketer, and B2B blogger.

The benefits of content marketing

Content is King

Grow Organic Site Traffic

One of the best ways to grow organic site traffic is by regularly publishing high-quality, comprehensive, search-optimized content. However, publishing digital content is not enough.

Content must be original, comprehensive, and value-driven. It must employ techniques like SEO, user-intent analysis, and funneling to encourage clicks, purchases, and repeat visits.

Statistic: Propecta

Generate High-Quality Leads

Modern consumers demand clarity in marketing. To capture visitor interest and guide prospects deeper into the purchasing funnel, your site content must be personalized, value-driven, and persuasive.

Effective content considers the needs and pain points of your target audience—and clearly articulates the value of your products and services—to generate quality leads and drive conversions.

Statistic: Neil Patel

Drive Engagement

Content marketing is more than just publishing content. Engagement demands a multi-channel approach. Attract attention and earn incoming links with multiple approaches to content distribution.

Cross-channel marketing requires content that caters to each medium. Understanding the conventions of different channels drives engagement, extends your reach, and promotes shares of your content.

Statistic: Content Marketing Institute

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